Two proprietary platform technologies the company has developed enable its rational design approach to developing DBAFs:

uTOPE™ analysis is a powerful bioinformatics system developed at ioGenetics. By using computer analysis of the properties of proteins, uTOPE™ analysis enables us to identify epitopes which are suitable targets for DBAF, allowing us to precisely direct selected microbiocides to the surface of the organism.

The graphic below outlines the process.

Pathway to Design DBAF

In the process of development many different design configurations are tested. ioGenetics uses a highly efficient recombinant protein expression system which utilizes retroviral vectors to create stable protein producing mammalian cell lines enabling very rapid production and evaluation of new protein products, followed by seamless scale-up.
19 March 2016
Preprint publication Antibody mimicry in Zika infections.
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02 March 2016
Published by PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases, Zika Response Group Review Paper on Countermeasure Development

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