Human Applications
Veterinary Applications

IOG-101 s designed to treat Staphylococcal infections including MRSA. It is targeted to enter into Phase 1 for ABSSSI (acute bacterial skin and skin structure infections) in 2015. The MRSA global market size is about $8 billion and current antibiotics continue to develop resistance. This product is clearly differentiated from current marketed products with minimum dosing/duration of administration compared to current products due to its distinguished mechanism of action. It has no/low toxicity and targeted delivery effective at nanomolar level based on in vitro and in vivo data to date. The preclinical in vivo data in animals is showing great promise for both therapeutic and prophylactic applications – offering significant benefit to the patient, as well as to the healthcare system in reducing hospital costs. Since this product can be developed for multiple indications, including pre-surgery prophylaxis, it has block buster potential.

DBAF201 is administered orally for the treatment of cryptosporidiosis.  Based on promising in vitro and in vivo animal efficacy data, DBAF201 is targeted to enter into Phase 1 clinical studies in about a year. 

The flow chart below shows the status of our pipeline:
19 March 2016
Preprint publication Antibody mimicry in Zika infections.
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02 March 2016
Published by PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases, Zika Response Group Review Paper on Countermeasure Development

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