Increasing resistance to current antibiotics is a growing public health threat. Creative alternatives to antibiotics are needed to meet this challenge. ioGenetics, Inc. is developing novel first/best-in-class anti-infectives called “DBAF” (Directed Biocide® antibody fusions) to treat difficult infections such as MRSA and Strep. pneumoniae. DBAF are an alternate approach, using targeted delivery to cause lethal damage to microorganisms. The technology platform uses unique rational design based on uTOPE™ immunoinformatic analysis and a proven manufacturing technology, Rpex™, to discover, design, and produce products. Lead products include DBAF for Staphylococcus aureus (including MRSA) and Cryptosporidium.
25 June, 2014
Dr. Shankar Musunuri will present ioGenetics’ development plans at BIO 2014 in San Diego. ioGenetics’ presentation is at 10:30 AM on June 25 in the Bio Business Forum.
IOG-101 is designed to treat MRSA infections. It is targeted to enter into Phase 1 for ABSSSI (acute bacterial skin and skin structure infections) in about a year. The MRSA global market size is about $8 billion and current antibiotics continue to develop...
ioGenetics, Inc. is developing Directed Biocide™ antibody fusions (DBAF) and organism specific microbiocides as an alternative to antibiotics. Whereas traditional antibiotics act on metabolic pathways, DBAF target naturally occurring microbiocides to the microorganism to cause lethal structural damage.
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